Whether it's the great taste of Glenfinlas Coffee, the delicious dishes we cook in our cafés, or the highest quality food and drink you'll find in our farm shop, you'll experience the strength of our passion.

We're Glenfinlas – good at food.

Glenfinlas | good at food

Welcome to our website. We’ve put together a little taster here of what you’ll find if you visit any of our outlets. If you like what you see, we invite you to come along and experience the real thing.

When we asked our staff to suggest a phrase that best summed up our business, they suggested: ‘good at food’. We liked it. It’s not only a simple and concise catchphrase, but it also encapsulates neatly the inspiration that guides us in everything that we do.

Food is, after all, our passion: whether it’s the best quality products you’ll find in our shops, the delicious dishes that we serve in our cafés, or the great taste of Glenfinlas Coffee.

We’re Glenfinlas, – good at food.

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